Reviewed 5 Best High Top Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes choices have been always been in hangs since Kobe Bryant launched his Kobe 4 and took everyone by storm. High top vs Low top shoes has been a very confusing choice but for those of us who’ve already sprained their ankles once or more than once, we know that it’s better off to wear High Top Basketball Shoes than to run the risk of losing our muscles altogether. Thus, we’ve found for you the 5 Best High Top Basketball Shoes, in the online market that you get for a great deals.

Reebok Royal BB4500 X-wide 4E

For all that matters, Basketball shoes come with a lot of jargons which makes them almost impossible to choose from an online platform. So we’ve simplified all for you. All Basketball Shoes need greater ventilation, and stability; the Mesh Cut Design makes sure of that. The special Ortholite sockliner is something that helps your ankle adjust and provides cushioning to the stretching nerves of the toe (orthotics). The classic silhouette style and wide midsole makes it comfortable for traction and custom fit, helping you in all places from boot circuit to the real friday game of yours. Pick this for the industrial expertise the company holds in the field and the feature this version offers.

Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Safety and ergonomics come as high concern for some players, Adidas Ilation takes care of that just perfectly. With full grain upper region and perforated vamp and toe box makes possible the kind of ease that you’d get out of it in stressful bootcamps and practice sessions. The cloudfoam midsole is something to look out for in case if you’re looking for some step-in comfort directly as you start using them. The weight balancing that has gone into the Cushioning of the shoe makes movement easy as breeze. Choose this for pure in-game comfort.

NIKE Men's Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoe

Technology that goes into any shoe cannot supersede this one. They’ve got decoupled collar which means there’s virtually no direct constrained link between the shoe the counter or healcap and the collar, which supports the movement of ankle in any direction. The design of the counter and the shaft being tapered with a 2” height above midsole makes it comfortable for the high speed movements. The engineering that has gone through in making the outsole also prevents it from abrasion both inside and outside. Thus you won’t get sore feet even after long practice sessions and the breathability or the cushiony effect of the outsole will not be diminished in time. A perfect wholesome package.

Under Armour Men's Jet 2017

This shoe has tried to work out all the daily practice concerns that players have, including the shoe drag and the sole cuts. The Ethylene Acetate Toe cap is prepared keeping in mind the circuit practice pressure points and thus it helps maintain the durability. The DieCut-EVA Sockliner works really well for the Underfoot cushioning making the glides and jumps landing efficient. This is perhaps the most ventilated of all the options that anyone can try, and the compression moulded toe caps, herringbone traction pattern of outsole also make for easy on court movement and control. Buy this for the highest functionality quotient among all options.

PUMA Trinomic XS 850 Mid Rugged

The most economic pick in the list mentioned, this one takes care of the off game regular practice. With the most generous cushioning you just don’t have to worry about your tendons or any kind of calves stress nerves that are triggered for stress on the ankles while playing. The midsole for this one as well is EVA speckled which ensures a great stability factor and resistance to forces. The shaft for this one is also a good height from the midsole, and more covered than other counterparts. The rubber sole has been engineered to maintain specific coefficient of slip and friction with the wooden courts; so that makes it more functional right away. Chose this as the most cost effective unit for rugged practice sessions.


High top Basketball shoes have been favorites of many All-Star players since the time they were launched. Only to find one has become a practice more excruciating than anything, the kind of sole, the kind of cage, cushion and counter; everyone knows about the three Cs. Besides the High top Basketball shoes are a popular choice because they have a relative treating effect on the stress muscle that activates during conditions of a sprain. Besides the delayed response time of the hind ankle nerves for a low top shoes is countered in the high top shoes by relaxation of the same nerves. So for the pointers that support the theory, go out there and make those shoots count with the Best In Class High Top Basketball Shoes that we’ve listed.

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