How to Choose the Best Ankle Brace for Basketball

Basketball playing is surely one of the most dynamic and exciting things to watch. Such a spectacular game frequently entails a high cost to basketball players. Strains, sprains, bone fractures, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, and joint pains may occur during active sporting events. It is known that wearing a quality ankle brace or compression sleeve makes you less likely to incur an ankle injury. What is the best ankle brace for basketball playing? It is a one that helps with managing symptoms of injuries such as soreness, swelling, inflammation, and pain. You can also count on that sporting gear when you are engaged in running, Crossfit, volleyball, etc. It can be challenging to select the perfect ankle brace, so we’ve created this top-5 list in order to help you choose from the worthiest products on the market.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer Brace by Medical Specialties

This item is one of the top rated ankle braces for basketball. Manufactured in accordance with the highest quality control standards in the USA, this ankle brace is good enough for sports enthusiasts as well as for professional and collegiate athletes. The item is a great combination of support, comfort, and durability, what makes it a number one choice for many athletic trainers and physical therapists. The ballistic nylon boot features bilateral design, invisible seams, and a low profile to fit the left or right foot, as well as almost any type of shoe. The lightweight yet strong CoolFlex material forms the contoured tongue and lines the inside back of the boot. This material provides an exceptional fit to the entire foot and increased comfort to the Achilles area in particular. The shoelace is always centered as it is attached to the tongue and securely covered by elastic cuff closure. The cotton stabilizing straps have special finger loops at the end the optimal figure-eight form in order to provide superior support and protection for your ankle. This affordable model is in a great demand as it has the expanded size chart (XXS-3XXL) and a feature set that ensures a quite high level of customer satisfaction.

Ankle Brace Support with Stabilizing Straps by McDavid

This mid-priced is perfect for proactive injury prevention that usually occurs during sports activities, such as basketball playing or running. An independent university research has proven that wearing this brace reduces the risk of ankle injury by 3 times. The model utilizes the unique strap design that simulates the figure-6 strapping pattern frequently used in professional athletic taping. This very best ankle brace for basketball features the total support and minimal weight due to a single-layer polyester fabric design. The construction incorporates the compression-comfortable upper strap, reinforced closure, and a padded lining for a comfortable fit. The ventilated tongue preserves the normal airflow and prevents foot damping. This quality ankle brace is popular among users as it has a wide size range (XS-XL, fits left or right ankle), constructed of superior quality materials, fully adjustable without unlacing, and great for preventing and recovering from ankle sprains, which often happen when playing basketball seriously.

Professional Foot Sleeve Pair with Compression Wrap Support, 2 Pcs by Gonicc

This model is most affordable among the top-rated ankle braces for basketball and comes with a stylish, attractive design. Customer satisfaction level is very high thanks to its numerous advantages and useful features. Constructed of a flexible, lightweight blend material (nylon 60%, latex 30%, polyester 10%), the unit contains two ankle supports and two compressive wraps in a range between XS and XL sizes. These sleeves are soft and breathable, comfortable to wear and moisture wicking. The design was created to help prevent ankle sprains and twists, reduce swelling and pain soothing, increase circulation and boost recovery after various foot injuries. This very best ankle brace for basketball comes with the industry-leading lifetime warranty and 100 % satisfaction guaranteed policy, so you can definitely trust the quality this brand offers.

Lace-up Adjustable Support Ankle Wrap by Zenith Athletics Company

This unit is an answer to the question what is the best ankle brace for basketball. Good for men, women, and children, this ankle brace is available in varying sizes S-L with a fully customizable amount of support. You can easily adjust the tightness of your ankle brace by means of regulating the lace-up front and angular straps. Made of high-quality nylon and neoprene, this supportive ankle brace provides the sufficient breathability and mobility allowing you to stay active and not too restricted. The lace-up front wrap around your ankle and the angular reinforcement straps perfectly work together to stabilize your tendons and joints. Such design offers superior ankle support against sprains, sporting injuries prevention, and even acute injuries healing. The product comes with satisfaction guaranteed or money back policy. And, due to double stitched seams, you can count on the incredible durability of this unit.

4-in-1 Ultra Thin Neoprene Compression Protector Sleeve with Elastic Strap by Adasen

This ankle brace bundle comes at a bargain price yet features a decent level of satisfaction among customers, so it is reviewed here, among the top rated ankle braces for basketball. The bundle includes a pair of hard yet breathable neoprene stabilizing braces fitted with 2 Velcro closures and a pair of ultra-thin lycra ankle compressive sleeve fitted with a 23.6-inch long elastic strap. The adjustable braces efficiently compress muscles in a fixed position to guard your ankle against impact. The easy-to-wrap design created targeted yet gentle pressure. The long elastic strap paired with each low-profile flexible sleeve is great for managing shin pains as well. Used together, these components secure the ankle and reduce arch pain. This unit has universal size and unisex design, so can be chosen for both men and women with any size beginning from S ending with XL. The brand offers 100% refund policy and a lifetime guarantee, as well as medically proven instruction and practical advice as a bonus.


We’ve reviewed five ankle braces most recommended by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons. The best ankle brace for basketball is great for dealing with moderate to major instabilities and post-surgical joint protection, but its main task is proactive injury prevention. A good ankle support protects your joints, muscle and tendons keeping them in a right position. Knowing what is the best ankle brace for basketball and having our review will probably make your choice easier to make. Especially since the safety and health of your ankles will not cost you a fortune.

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