Top 5 Best Outdoor Basketball For Your Money

Looking to kick your basketball performance up a few notches? You can and you have to start with the ball. Playing basketball outdoors is rough on the ball. The concrete or asphalt courts, the puddles and dirt take a big toll and can drag your performance down. Without the right equipment, improving your performance can be tough. So, it's pretty much switch to a different ball and watch your shot success improve or even soar. A really good basketball will give you all the key things: feel, grip and control. The best outdoor basketball will give you these plus will have the workmanship needed to easily withstand the wear and tear that comes with playing basketball outdoors. Ready to get this basketball? Below is a list of the best in the game; read it to get a heads up on the good stuff that can have you shooting even more hoops.

Spalding NBA ZI/O Excel basketball

Want a ball that's NBA level? Here's the one you are looking for. Designed for playing basketball indoors or outdoors it’s said to be the best indoor outdoor basketball you can get.

The composite leather construction has a foam-backed design and full ball pebbling that puts precision on your side and puts you in control. The channels are 30 percent deeper; this translates to supreme grip and control while dribbling. It meets the NBA standards regarding weight and measure. Don’t wait! Get this to start playing like a pro.

Under Armour Stephen Curry Official

Ask around, it’s hard to find a young basketball player who doesn’t absolutely love this ball, it’s that popular. This Stephen Curry exclusive is made of UA grip skin rubber, which makes for perfection when it comes to both feel and grip. The perfect choice for games on different types of surfaces, this durable ball is great for endless practice sessions and everyday game time play. It meets the official basketball size requirements of 29.5 inches. Cold weather and summer heat may cause the ball to deflate and whenever this happens, inflation may be needed.

Wilson NCAA Replica

Here's a basketball that comes backed by the formidable Wilson reputation for innovation and top performing sports equipment. Designed using the cushion core technology this ball offers great feel and bounce. The laid-in channels are designed to provide perfect grip and control. Whether you are playing indoors or are taking the game outdoors, this ball can handle it and rolls with your choice. A top favorite among basketball players, this replica of the NCAA official game ball will bring out your most competitive and best play on the courts.

Spalding NBA phantom

Now this is one great looking basketball. But that's not all, you will love its features and how these can improve your game. Made using durable soft grip technology, this basketball is made to provide the best grip and control. The soft-grip cover is sturdy and can handle the tough conditions of the outdoors, so it's durability you can count on. The wide channel design makes for easy recognition and the ball meets the NBA weight and size requirements.

Macgregor X500

One of the best things you will like about this ball is the price, what’s not to like! Its great value for money, offered at a price that will make you smile. Made of nylon wound rubber, this one is durable. The wide channels offer good control and the grip feels comfortable. Adjust your playing style just a bit and get maximum out of the game. Great for recreational playtime, the ball may deflate due to weather conditions and may need to be inflated. If you are looking for a ball that can handle wear and tear and comes at bargain price, this one is the perfect pick.


Basketballs skills and equipment have a big influence on win or lose and how well you play basketball. When you want to take your game to the next level, you can as soon as you start paying with a ball that’s made for big wins. Playing with the right basketball can have an immediate and positive impact on your game. A well-designed ball can improve your success rate and overall performance. It's important to choose one that's strong, durable and suited for play in outdoor conditions and surfaces. It should also be designed for precision, balance and control. Enjoy dribbling, bouncing, shooting and scoring by playing with anyone of these basketballs outdoors. Start ruling the courts you play in; keep your eye on the ball.

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